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Schedule 84 Capabilities


Falken, a reputable and distinguished organization renowned for its exceptional services, has reached another milestone. The United States government has granted Falken approval for inclusion in GSA Schedule 84 and GSA Schedule 70, signifying a significant accomplishment for the organization. This outstanding achievement truly reflects Falken’s commitment and dedication to maintaining high levels of service and excellence in their products and services.

As an approved vendor under the GSA Schedule, Falken will now provide an unparalleled level of service to government agencies and their employees. All government agencies will have easy access to the organization’s products and services, enabling them to perform their duties more efficiently. This achievement demonstrates Falken’s adherence to the government’s procurement processes and regulatory requirements.

Falken’s exceptional status as a government-approved vendor serves as a shining example of the organization’s unwavering commitment to providing world-class services to its clients. Being a GSA-approved vendor, Falken has positioned itself to meet the procurement needs of various government agencies and support their objectives. It is a significant achievement that will enable Falken to make an even more substantial impact on the industry.

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