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Access Control – CST Jobs and Training


Are you curious about what a CST is? Well, let us tell you all about them! In the world of US Government secure space construction projects, ensuring compliance is crucial to achieving success. That’s where the incredible Construction Surveillance Technicians (CSTs) step in to play a vital role. Their expertise in secure space construction methods covers everything from wall tip-up to the little-known aspects of TEMPEST, materials sampling, and large-scale concrete pours, to name just a few. These skilled individuals are the backbone of any construction project that involves SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), ensuring that compliance with government regulations is met, and all build aspects are meticulously documented.

Moreover, the CSTs are responsible for safeguarding the build’s integrity against any nefarious attempts at sabotage and detecting any surreptitious eavesdropping efforts by adversarial elements. If the prospect of becoming a CST is intriguing to you, then please visit our website’s contact menu options and select the CST career or the training to become one. Let us help you start a fulfilling career while making a valuable contribution to your country’s national security.

To learn more about CST opportunities at Falken Industries check out our career section or contact us by using the form below.

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