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Government UL 2050 Alarm Response


15 minute response to your alarm by mobile patrol

5 minute response to your alarm by officer on duty

Your security operations are crucial to the protection of your personnel and assets, and are an important representation of your company. Falken security operations are specifically tailored to meet your organization’s requirements.  We understand that recruiting and screening trustworthy and capable individuals to provide protection services is vital for mission success.

Falken provides high quality armed protection teams comprised mostly of veterans of the US Secret Service, US Military Special Operations Forces, and other elite Police units. Ready to deploy quickly to accompany our clients through known or potentially dangerous areas, Falken can provide armored diplomatic & transport vehicles, and other logistical assistance to provide these services in and around the Washington, DC area, throughout the United States, or anywhere in the world.

From high profile businesses to secure government installations, our clients expect consistency, stability and excellence. Falken has earned the confidence of Fortune 500 companies, national media organizations, professional sports teams, international financial institutions, top law and accounting firms, real estate and property management companies, universities and leading industries, as well as many foreign diplomatic embassies and consulates.

We understand that the trustworthiness and capability of our employees is paramount to any position on your security operations team. At Falken, determining the trustworthiness of our employees starts with performing detailed background investigations including FBI fingerprint checks; credit, employment, & complete reference checks; physical agility & psychological pre-screening; behavioral observations; polygraph examinations (if required for a specific assignment); and continuing employee assessments. We pre-screen our employee’s capability by addressing education and experience; training (initial, sustaining, and advanced equipment-specific); security awareness; and certification by examination.

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