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Construction Surveillance Technician

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The CST will monitor, observe, and interact with the construction workers as they accomplish their
various tasks to preclude the introduction of electronic, electrical, mechanical, or any other type of
hostile surveillance monitoring devices into finished construction. You will be responsible for
screening all equipment, materials, and furnishings destined for use in the controlled construction
area, using X-ray machines and any and all other methods of examination as outlined in the CSP
and approved by the government.

Duties and responsibilities:
● You will operate proposed inspection equipment.

● You will utilize knowledge of all construction disciplines, to include civil architectural,
mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering principles.
● You will read and analyze designs and blueprints, and recognize the architect's intended
use. You will analyze designs and structural complexities, which are intended to mask an
ulterior purpose not intended by the architect.
● You will exercise knowledge of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, construction
principles, and the types of devices used by hostile and friendly intelligence services for
the purpose of clandestine surveillance.
● You will write detailed reports in English and complete the analyses of issues, findings,
and security situations which require staff action.
● You will maintain daily logs during their tour of duty.
Minimum qualifications and education requirements:
● Active CST certification preferred
● You must be capable of independent decision making, possess a high degree of
individual initiative and be able to function with minimal supervision.
● 3+ Years security and/or construction experience
● TS Clearance or above
● You need to be able to stand for 8 hours, work outdoors in all seasons and lift up to 25

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